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12/9/2019 12:54:05 PM

Wacht out girls! Thai lady boy Miss Tiffany`s Universe 2014 candidates are prettier than you (35 pics)

They are the reasons why Thailand always lose in real female beauty pageants! And the reason is: their Miss Tiffany`s candidates are far more beautiful than their real girls...

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town

The worlds largest transgendered beauty pageant, Miss Tiffany’s Universe will held on May 2, 2014. Miss Tiffany’s Universe is a pageant of beauty held every year for the last 15 years, features Thai contestants from all over Thailand. Contestants who for the once on a lifetime has a chance to be Miss Tiffany Universe. A coveted title which can change the life of the most glamorous and well-presented winner.

More pictures after the jump

asian town

asian town

asian town

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 01

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 02

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 03

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 04

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 05

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 06

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 07

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 08

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 09

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 10

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 11

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 12

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 13

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 14

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 15

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 16

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 17

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 18

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 19

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 20

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 21

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 22

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 23

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 24

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 25

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 26

MissTiffanyUniverse2014 27
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