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11/13/2018 4:32:49 PM

Guy Constantly Screams, His Girlfriend`s Reaction Is Both Hilarious and Cute..

There`s nothing better than giving your significant other the occasional fright. Whether it`s hiding behind a door, leaping out from behind the sofa or just randomly yelling expletives, laughter is the key ingredient to any relationship.

Chris Melberger is clearly one guy who loves a good joke.

He constantly films himself frightening the living daylights out of his girlfriend Shan Dodd. It can happen at any number of inopportune moments, in the car, in the street or even at a bar.

enter image description here

The more startling his prank, the bigger her reaction.

Here`s a compilation of his Vine clips in one tidy 30sec package, who knows it might even inspire you to give it a go on your partner!

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