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12/14/2018 3:51:36 PM

Beauty in the morning - makup is a visible magic


Sometimes it is better to call a taxi for your girlfriend, and not to spend a night together. Just imagine that you met a beautiful girl at a night club. You had a drink and then went home together.

makeupmagicl001 jpg

You woke up in the morning, and… OMG

makeupmagicl002 jpg

Now cosmetic all day long to have a different face ? why not ?

makeupmagicl003 jpg

makeupmagicl004 jpg

makeupmagicl005 jpg

makeupmagicl006 jpg

makeupmagicl007 jpg

makeupmagicl008 jpg

makeupmagicl009 jpg

makeupmagicl010 jpg

makeupmagicl011 jpg

makeupmagicl012 jpg

makeupmagicl013 jpg

makeupmagicl014 jpg

makeupmagicl015 jpg

makeupmagicl016 jpg

makeupmagicl017 jpg

makeupmagicl018 jpg

makeupmagicl019 jpg


Tadaaa......  girl you are pretty now,   but still not super pretty LOL

makeupmagicl020 jpg

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