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11/17/2018 1:02:16 AM

Man turns £60 car is world"s fastest street car

PROUD Andy Frost owns the world’s fastest street car a clapped-out VAUXHALL he paid £60 for.

The dad of three has transformed his 1972 K-reg into a mean machine that does 0-60 in ONE second.

The Vauxhall Victor takes just 7.8 seconds to hit 183mph which would leave even Formula 1 racers for dead.

Engineer Andy bought the banger 25 years ago and has since lavished £100,000 on it.

The car is street legal but so old it doesn’t need a tax disc.

He has fitted it with a modified 9.3-litre Chevrolet engine.

Andy, 45, of Wolverhampton, grinned: “We could’ve had a bigger house. “But we have a unique car faster than any other on the road.”

Wife Debbie, 41, said: “The car’s become like one of the family.”

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