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12/12/2018 3:02:12 PM

Can you believe this? Pomeranian Walking On Two Paws Is Definitely ‘The Man’

Watch the world’s most impossibly adorable creature (a pomeranian, aka living stuffed animal) strut down the sidewalk on his two front paws, all to the tune of Aloe Blacc’s “The Man.”

His name is Jiff, and he is wearing a crop-top sweater. I can’t even deal with this.The “about” section of Jiff’s YouTube channel describes him as a “Dog Actor/Model,” and yes, apparently that’s a thing.

Jiff has modeled for 3M, Target and Banana Republic, starred in a New York state lottery commercial and can be seen in the film “Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown” (huh?).

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