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10/16/2019 8:37:47 AM

I Can`t Believe People Are Leaving Beneath This Thing!

literally living under a rock 8

When you think about it, people choose to live in some strange places.

For instance some towns in Northern Russia see temperatures of -40 in the winter. Or how about the folks who live near the base of a volcano that could blow at any time.

Here is another example. The town of Stenil de las Bodegas in Spain.

Over 3000 people live in this town that is literally hiding under a very, very big rock.

literally living under a rock 1

literally living under a rock 2

Believe it or not the residents of this town actually wanted to live here!

literally living under a rock 4

The bars, restaurants and food shops in Sentenil are ranked as the best in the region and attract a lot of tourists.

White washed houses look like they are going to get crushed any moment.

The town has a rich history. Tradition holds that the town’s Castilian name came from the Roman Latin phrase septem nihil (‘seven times nothing’). This is said to refer to the Moorish town’s resistance to Christian assault, allegedly being captured only after seven sieges.

This took place in the final years of the Christian Reconquest. Besieged unsuccessfully in 1407, Setenil finally fell in 1484 when Christian forces expelled the Moorish occupants. Using gunpowder artillery, the Christians took fifteen days to capture the castle whose ruins dominate the town today.

literally living under a rock 7

So as you can see. The residents of this Spanish town are literraly between ‘a rock and a hard place’

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