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11/21/2019 10:39:26 PM

Thousands of People Gathered in London to Have a One Big Fight...

pillow fight 1

On a sunny Saturday in London a large group of people gathered in Trafalgar Square. At first, it is hard to tell what these group of men and woman are up to as they stand around eyeballing each other.

Are they there to protest, cause a riot or something else? Police officers watch nervously from the sidelines of the historic square as the crowd surges together.

A large crowd of men and women gather in London

It becomes clearer what is really going on when you can see what many people in the group are carrying in their arms; white pillows.

You see, for the sixth year running thousands of people came to the famous London square armed with a fluffy pillow ready to to battle it out for the International Pillow Fight Day.

Let the pillow fight battle begin!

Men and woman let their inhibitions go and attack each other with sheer delight. Pillows burst and feathers start to fly.

London was just one of over 100 cities around the world who took part in the event. Organized by the Urban Playground Movement, the event is seen as a way to get people outside and having fun.

These girls lie down and are covered in feathers

This is the sixth year the pillow fight has been done in London

A massive deluge of feathers goes flying as the pillow fight continues

Some people wore costumes for the event

It was all to much for this girl who covered her head with a pillow

A red bus gets covered in feathers as the battle heats up

After all that mess somebody has to come in a clean it up!
Looks like a lot of fun to me!
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