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10/24/2018 3:36:33 AM

Logitech G13 gaming keyboard - A must have for any LAN party

The Logitech G13 Gameboard has been unveiled - with the peripherals giant hoping to lure both hard-core gamers and World of Warcraft addicts to change their habits. The Logitech G13 Gameboard features customizable backlit keys, a monochrome LCD display (for when you really, really need to know how much ammo you have) and masses of programmable keys. Moreover, for another tactical advantage, the 160-by-43-pixel GamePanel LCD shows live game stats, system info and even messages from other players. A handy solution for the laptop gamer, the G13 gameboard includes onboard memory, letting you program up to five ready-to-play profiles and take them with you to your next LAN party.






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