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8/10/2020 10:10:20 PM

Father of year creates amazing lunchboxes for his daughter. You will wish to have an awesome dad like him

While most first-graders bring ordinary sandwiches and snacks to school, Beau Coffron`s daughter has something much more special waiting in her lunch box. That`s because Beau Coffron - a father of three known as Lunchbox Dad - has turned lunch packing into a creative hobby and artistic outlet, as well as an incredible way to connect with his daughter. In fact, he told The Huffington Post that his lunchbox art (which he shares on his blog with recipes) has brought him closer to his daughter. They talk more about her interests, and she has a daily reminder of how much her dad loves and misses her. And THIS is why Beau was named a Readers` Choice in this year`s Babble 100.

Take a look at some of his lunchbox food creations here

lunchbox dad 1

lunchbox dad 2

lunchbox dad 3

lunchbox dad 4

lunchbox dad 5

lunchbox dad 6

lunchbox dad 7

lunchbox dad 8

lunchbox dad 9
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