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10/16/2018 9:27:31 PM

This cab driver`s trick is seriously eye popping

I’m a big fan of both horror and comedy, so it’s always nice when someone finds a way to combine the two.

Humor is obviously subjective, and while I found this clip funny, I can also understand why others would describe it as “terrifying,” “disgusting,” or “Oh my god! Why would you show me this?”. Different strokes for different folks.

I was sent this video without any context, and my lack of Arabic comprehension means you’ll also be watching it without any pretext. The star of the video has mastered a technique that can only be described as “eye popping.” That’s not an adjective — he literally pops his eyes out of their sockets to amuse people, and a damn fine job at that.

A couple of notes: I’m not responsible for the nightmares you might suffer as a result of watching this. I am, however, entirely responsible for any laughs. I’d also like to apologize for the pun in the title.

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