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10/23/2018 7:08:10 PM

Barbie P520 turns up in China

What make Chinese Girls so enthusiastic to yearn for this holiday gift: Yes, a Barbie Cellphone. Ideal for teens. It look like a small handy mirror which girls use when travelling, but it is also a very cute cellphone.


Now, it`s entirely possible that this isn`t an official Barbie cellphone (or even an actual cellphone) but, if you`re looking for something that`s more Barbie-ish and, well, less cellphone-like than your usual phone, you may want to consider this new P520 model that recently turned up in China.



Apparently, this one includes 2-inch,176 x 220 display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, "up to 2GB of expandable memory" (we`re guessing a microSD card slot), built-in Bluetooth, not one but two SIM card slots and, yes, an actual mirror. Sold? Then you can apparently pick one up now for 780 yuan (or $114), although getting one over here will likely take a bit more doing.



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