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11/21/2018 12:23:56 AM

Can You Believe That Underneath This Lake Is The World`s Greatest Underwater City?

A thousand-year-old city with a maze of white temples, memorial arches, paved roads, and houses is hidden about 85-131 feet (26-40 meters) underwater: this is China’s “Atlantis rediscovered.”

Shi Cheng, or the Lion City, tucked in a lake between the Five Lion Mountain, was once the centre of politics and economics in the eastern province of Zhejiang, China.

In 1955, the Chinese government chose the area to build a new hydroelectric power station. In 1959, the Lion City was flooded and the man-made Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Lake) was born.

The underwater city was rediscovered in 2001.

Deep beneath this gorgeous Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Lake) is something even more stunning.

underwater city of lion 13

A historical city built almost 1400 years ago is buried here for over half a century.

underwater city of lion 1

Shi Cheng, dubbed Lion City after the Lion Mountains that surround it, was purposely-flooded in 1959 to make way for a hydroelectric power station.

underwater city of lion 2

The Lion City was about the size of 62 football fields.

underwater city of lion 4

There were 265 memorial arches in the preserved ruins. This Jie Xiao Memorial Arch is the most well known one.

underwater city of lion 16

It was almost all black by 28 meters underwater.

underwater city of lion 15

The darkness keeps the buried city well preserved.

underwater city of lion 18

Even wooden structures remain surprisingly strong.

underwater city of lion 5

There are rows of houses made out of brick, with wooden stairs that are still almost pristine.

underwater city of lion 9

underwater city of lion 8

Brick walls are still standing, but in bad shape.

underwater city of lion 17

A lion statue of the city.

underwater city of lion 20

A historical structure is still intact.

underwater city of lion 21

All the details of the centerpiece are still there.

underwater city of lion 22

This is a restoration picture of Shi Cheng.

underwater city of lion 11

The houses of the city before it was submerged, sketched by a former resident.

underwater city of lion 6

underwater city of lion 7

About 291500 people were relocated to make room for the Xin’an River Dam project. This is Xinanjiang Hydroelectric Station.

underwater city of lion 14

To build a power station, a thousand-year-old city is buried forever.

But the Lion City is still a lucky one. He Cheng, a nearby city built in 208 was destroyed before the flooding. The Lion City was left intact due to the faster-than-expected speed of flooding. In other words, the water came too earlier than planned, leaving no time for the government to demolish the city.

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