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7/10/2020 1:05:12 AM

Dirtiest Beach in the world? 363 tons of Trash dumped in just one Weekend

This is how Shenzhen`s Dameisha Beach in China looks at the end of the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

780,000 people dumped more than 362 tons of trash in just one weekend.

Just imagining the stench.

shockingly filthy   happened this beach

 y arrived day out dameisha beach park  nzhen south china guangdon

square metre beach now chaotic scene discarded food   drinks package

although surrounded rubbish this man happy dig himself hole cover sand

sun  ker walks across beach which strewn litter task cleaning   p

  rubbish sun mats which left behind festival goers   not bothe

Dameisha Beach

just close eyes   pretend tropical secluded island

workers attempt clean world dirtiest beach

tons trash makes this beach dirtiest world

Dameisha Beach

hot day chinese beach
hot day chinese beach

Dameisha Beach festival
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