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12/14/2018 3:27:57 PM

The `Straight White Boys Texting` Tumblr Is Full Of Cringeworthy Flirting Fails (19 pics)

“Super fun?”

anal opinion text elite daily

It’s the little details that get you in the end

boobs omegle elite daily

In fairness, I would have wanted to change the topic to basically anything else

deflecting elite daily

‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ -Wayne Gretzky.’ -Michael Scott.” -Matt Loft

dick friends elite daily

Legend has it he’s still staring at his phone waiting for an answer

DTF texting elite daily

He probably misread “making margaritas” as “receiving cunnilingus from a stranger.” Honest mistake.

eat out tinder elite daily

Asking all the important questions

good head elite daily

Picture this guy laughing out loud after saying “I’m horny” to make this even more enjoyable

horny text elite daily  uei2

Hate all you want, but this is objectively hilarious

humpback whales tinder elite daily

Harnessing the “foot in the door technique.” That’s a veteran move.

nudes elite daily

You can’t say he isn’t persistent

no reply text elite daily  ueit

So “No?” I think that’s a “No.”
nudes soul elite daily

This man has never been more devastated in his entire life
shower picture elite daily

Everyone knows you can’t open with “spitter or swallower?” That would be classless.

spit or swallow elite daily  ueix

texting burn elite daily

Isn’t that how Tinder works?
tinder creep elite daily

We’re only laughing at him because it didn’t work

tits tinder elite daily

That’s one way to cheer someone up
wanna see my dick elite daily  ueia1

I have to say I didn’t see this one coming
you horny text elite daily

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