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7/9/2020 11:11:01 PM

I Don`t Know If I`ll be Scared by this or What But the Story Behind It Is Totally Weird!

If you saw these red, charred bodies hanging on a cliff face in the Menyama region of Papua New Guinea, you would probably think that you just stepped into the middle of a crime scene. That, however, wouldn’t be the case. The gruesome scenes you see below are actually part of an important ritual.

The grotesque bodies are known as the Aseki Smoked Bodies. They are preserved on purpose by the locals and then strung up to hang on a cliff face.

Sometimes, the bodies will be brought down from the sides of the cliff for celebrations or other events. Otherwise, the warriors stand guard and watch over their loved ones. It’s difficult to understand this strange and scary custom, especially when we are so used to honoring our dead in a drastically different way.
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