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8/12/2020 9:19:33 PM

Father Asks Reddit To Photoshop An Image Of His Deceased Daughter, The Results Are Breathtaking!

Nathen Steffel posted a very sad and unfortunate request recently on Reddit asking if any of the users could digitally alter an image of his daughter Sophia who only lived for 6 weeks and passed away last week.
“Since she was in the hospital her whole life, we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes.

The father wrote:


Here is the original image of Sophia he wanted altered

Steffel`s original picture of Sophia

What came next was breathtaking!

Reddit User steffel07

Reddit User mattmattson

Reddit User Markaes4

Reddit User izzyzzi

Reddit User funkybrewster

Reddit User evrengoldfish

Reddit User ChangingYang

The father said he was amazed by just how many people responded.
“I stayed up until 3am that night trying to respond to everyone who had seemed to have a similar experience,” Sophia’s father revealed.
“It helped knowing that others cared enough to stop whatever they were doing in their own lives to either send me a picture or just their condolences.
“It’s just awesome that this story and her pictures have touched so many people.”
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