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10/16/2018 10:39:13 AM

WOA Everyone will love this! Pokemon restaurant theme has been opened in Tokyo. I want a Pikachu Burger(28 pics)

If Pokemon nostalgia has been getting the best of you lately, never fear: A Pikachu-themed pop-up cafe in Tokyo is serving an adorable teriyaki burger that resembles the classic Pokemon character.

pikachu restaurant 01

pikachu restaurant 0

pikachu restaurant 02

pikachu restaurant 03

pikachu restaurant 04

pikachu restaurant 05

pikachu restaurant 06

The appropriately named Pikachu Cafe will serve a variety of other foods, including Pikachu beef curry and a mysterious parfait. The cafe is part of a promotion for the new Pokemon the Movie XY.
Eataku reports that the Pikachu Cafe will be open from July 19 to August 31 as part of a Pokemon the Movie XY exhibition in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. The cafe`s opening coincides with the film`s Japan release on July 19. (The film does not currently have a release date in the U.S.)

Check out the photos

pikachu restaurant 07

pikachu restaurant 08

pikachu restaurant 09

pikachu restaurant 10

pikachu restaurant 11

pikachu restaurant 12

The Pikachu’s Thunderbolt Parfait (880 yen) is made from a Pikachu-shaped mango flan and all kinds of fruits.

pikachu restaurant 13

pikachu restaurant 14

pikachu restaurant 15

pikachu restaurant 16

pikachu restaurant 17

pikachu restaurant 18

IMG 0373.JPG

IMG 0374.JPG

Here’s a look at the Kids’ Meal Set (980) yen, featuring a smaller serving of Pikachu’s Curry, sausages, fried shrimp, and the Pikachu mango flan for dessert.

IMG 0378.JPG

IMG 0382.JPG

IMG 0395.JPG

Pikachu’s curry (1,180 yen) is a traditional Japanese dish of curry, served with star-shaped eggs and carrots. It looks like they put the tortilla chips to use again for its ears. They actually got the yellow color by using Turmeric rice, instead of the traditional white.

Pikachu Curry Bun (400 yen) was made with the image of Pikachu’s back in mind. The stripes are made from fukujinzuke pickles that are often served as a condiment with curry, and the tail is a well-crafted piece of corn tortilla.
The Poké Ball OmuHayashi (1,280 yen) had its Poké Ball made from a mix of chicken rice and white rice. Meanwhile, the rest of the dish is made of omurice and hayashi rice.

This fancy-looking dish is the Poké Ball Dessert Plate (880 yen) featuring a Poké Ball made from raspberry and yogurt mousse, and different fruits on the side.

The Pikachu Pancake (980 yen) is one for the sweet tooths out there, with a Pikachu brand on the hotcakes, together with various fruits and vanilla ice cream
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