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12/10/2018 8:32:46 PM

I can`t believe in this, did he just cook the soup from the washing machine? (11 pics)

Ok, from his video, looks like he has just cook a potato soup from a washing machine. And I am sitting still cant believe in what I have seen.

The washing machine used in the experiment was a 5.2kg load model.


First, cut up the ingredients. Avoid cutting them too small, because they’re going to have to withstand the tumble in the machine.

asian town

washing machine cook 01

Next, it’s cooking time! Simply toss the cut potatoes and pork ribs into the washing machine.

washing machine cook 02

Set the machine to a normal wash cycle at 95 degrees Celsius, and make sure you set it to NOT drain the water, because that water is going to be your soup. When you’re done with the settings, just hit the start button!

washing machine cook 03

Depending on your washing machine, the time required for each cycle might vary. The machine used in the video took about one hour to finish “cooking”.

washing machine cook 04

Just like cooking in a pot with a glass lid, you’ll be able to check on the cooking situation through the lid of the washing machine.

washing machine cook 05

When it’s done, time to serve up! This is where the salt comes in. Feel free to use any other condiments to enhance the flavor of the soup.

washing machine cook 06

asian town

It actually looks like a regular, palatable bowl of Chinese soup.

washing machine cook 08

Taste test! The experimental chef comments that the potatoes are soft and fluffy to the core, and the pork ribs were soft with just the right amount of chewiness. The soup’s a success!

washing machine cook 09

Watch the whole cooking process!

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