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7/16/2020 1:35:30 AM

The garbage that you throw , it has to go somewhere else

The Manshyiat Naser slum, on the outskirts of Cairo, is often referred to as “The City of Garbage” because of the large quantities of trash shipped here from all over Egypt’s capital city.

 As unbelievable as the photos below may look, Manshyiat Naser is a real place, where people make their living out of trash. Like in any other normal community, you’ll find streets, houses and apartments throughout the settlement, but everything and everyone here depends on garbage. The inhabitants of Manshyiat Naser (called Zabbaleen) bring the trash into the city, by truck, cart, or any other means necessary, and sort any recyclable or useful waste. !!

Interesing!!!!  I mean the garbage city but living with garbages is not a thing I want for my life ;((

garbagecity jpg

garbagecity1 jpg

garbagecity2 jpg

garbagecity3 jpg

garbagecity4 jpg

garbagecity5 jpg

garbagecity6 jpg

garbagecity7 jpg

Shawn Baldwin NY Times   Copy jpg

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