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7/16/2020 12:44:17 AM

10 shocking surgery transformations in Korea. I bet they dont even recognise themselves after surgeries

All kpop has revealed the 10 most shocking plastic surgeries in Korea that transform patients into almost unrecognisable. The good news is they are all looking gorgeous now. Check them out!

1. From 33 year-old look to 20 year-old look

asian town  umcs

33 year-old Huyn Jang Jin before and after

asian town  umcu

asian town  umcv

2. K-pop level Glam

asian town

3. Rounding down

asian town

4. Hyun Bin? Is that you?

asian town

5. Turn that pout into a mouth

asian town  umc1

6. Fountain of Youth

asian town

7. Porcelain doll makeover

asian town

buzz 1406750962 16

8. Porcelain doll P.2

asian town

9. The "natural" look

asian town

10. Twins who were born together, surgery together

Ch? em song sinh hóa  thiên nga  sau ph?u thu?t th?m m? 8

asian town

asian town
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