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10/21/2018 7:38:48 PM

I would hate my dad for being such a jerk like her dad. His prank gives me a chill just by looking at the photos (6 pics)

One father’s Halloween spirit exceeds the month of October; he’s successfully scared his daughter, Carly, with the same skeleton prank all year round.
By placing a full skeleton in random spots around the house, the father never ceases to spook Carly with his antics.

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo1 1280

He carefully selects his skeleton placement, putting it in the fireplace, in a computer chair and even in the shower.

Carly is apparently sick of her dad’s prank, and, with Halloween quickly approaching, I’m sure it won’t end anytime soon.

Take a look at her dad’s hilarious hijinks in the photos below.

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo2 1280

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo4 1280

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo6 1280

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo3 1280

tumblr naigiwEsSH1tt2pwpo5 1280
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