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9/15/2019 10:39:09 AM

They Have Been Together For 70 Years Yet They Are Still Madly In Love With Each Other! Learn Their Secrets

Ben and Adaline Mammina were friends at 9 years old and by 1944, they were engaged at 18 years old. Now, the elderly couple are celebrating 70 years of marriage! Today, Ben still becomes emotional when he talks about his bride. Warning: get the tissues ready!

“Look at these hands, all the things that she’s done — the diapers, all the meals she’s cooked, all the houses she’s cleaned,” he said with tears in his eyes.
The emotional moment continued as the adorable couple shared their secrets to a successful union: saying sorry when an apology is owned and remembering your vows of commitment. Ben added that flattery goes a long way, too.
“She’s as beautiful today as she was then,” he gushed.
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