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11/12/2018 10:53:35 PM

Travel Inspiration: Hello Santorini Greece!

Mystique 09 850x499
If you’re looking for a postcard worthy stay with unreal blue water and stunning views, look no further than the Mystique, a luxurious hotel located in Oia, Santorini, Greece. Sure, its name might be a little X-men-esque, but its looks are absolutely stellar and the unabashed luxury is so impressive. Take a quick tour below…you’ll want to book your stay immediately after viewing.
Mystique 03 850x1269

Mystique 25 850x545

Mystique 04 850x1270

Mystique 26 850x1171

Mystique 20 850x1267

Mystique 37 850x566

Mystique 31 689x1400

Mystique 24 850x1295

Mystique 23 850x570

Mystique 01 850x461

Mystique 35 850x565

Mystique 05 850x1269

Mystique 36 850x566

Mystique 27 850x1269

Mystique 30 850x1269

Mystique 07 850x561

Mystique 17 850x1269

Mystique 33 850x579

Mystique 32 850x774

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