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12/15/2018 12:10:59 PM

Forget the front-row seats, do you know how much does it cost just to get a seat in the bleachers at this stadium?

If you’re looking to watch the New York Yankees take on the Baltimore Orioles Thursday night, you’ll have to shell out a lot more money than the face value of the ticket you’re buying. A lot more.
The game will be Derek Jeter’s last regular season game in Yankee Stadium as the 20-year veteran retires at the end of this year and the Yankees are all but officially eliminated from the playoffs.
As a sign of the impact Jeter has had on the ball club and the respect he has among his fans, look at how much tickets for his final game are going for on the second market site StubHub…

Screen Shot 2014 09 24 at 11.28.26 AM

The cheapest ticket you’ll find at the moment is for $332, and you’ll be sitting in the bleachers with this obstructed view. Oh, and you’ll be with a bunch of strangers since this is a single ticket, not a pair…

Yankee 239

This ticket behind the visitor’s dugout will run you $6,149…
At the high end, there are sellers stretching for as much as $15,225 for a single ticket.

Yankee 16
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