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11/13/2018 8:55:53 PM

Japanese restaurant busted for hiring waitresses under 18. (They must wear bikinis to work) (pics)

japanese restaurant bikinis02

A local favorite Izakaya or snack pub tavern was recently busted by the authorities for hiring a few under 18 age girls to deliver snacks to patrons…and maybe a little more.

Insiders have it that lewd behavior and perhaps even lewd acts were being performed at the tavern. Waitresses wearing suggestive sportswear and bikinis and even micro-bikini outfits deliver snack foods and alcohol to patrons, mostly businessmen in their 20s to 50s. The owners were arrested earlier this year and are awaiting their outcome in court.

We’ve managed to nick up some photos of the hot girls before their photos were removed from the pub’s website and local media. To the best of our knowledge the girls presented here are all 18+.

japanese restaurant bikinis01

japanese restaurant bikinis03

japanese restaurant bikinis04

japanese restaurant bikinis05

japanese restaurant bikinis06

japanese restaurant bikinis07

japanese restaurant bikinis08

japanese restaurant bikinis09

japanese restaurant bikinis10

japanese restaurant bikinis11

The girls are lined up to treat their customers in Hokkaido

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