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11/20/2019 7:51:47 AM

Asian guy blows $23,000 of air miles on world`s most luxurious flight from Singapore to New York and blogs every detail

Young entrepreneur Derek Low cashed in 93,500 frequent flier miles to travel in the airlines`s Suites Class - voted the most luxurious cabin in the world - from Singapore to New York.

dereklow firstclass 01

Derek Low cashed in his frequent flier miles to travel in Singapore Airlines`s Suites Class - voted the most luxurious cabin in the world - from Singapore to New York. Above, he is seen in the posh cabin

dereklow firstclass 02
Mr Low snapped photos of his experience - from a luxury departure lounge called `The Private Room` to hand-stitched leather armchairs - before posting them online. Above, his ticket was worth $23,000

dereklow firstclass 03
Start of the journey: Upon entering Singapore Changhi Airport, Mr Low`s VIP treatment started immediately.He took his luggage to a check-in lounge for First Class and Suites passengers, which was `like a hotel lobby`

dereklow firstclass 04
Once there, he was startled to find his suitcases were not weighed before they were checked in

dereklow firstclass 05
`Golden ticket`: Mr Low was then handed a `Golden Ticket`, along with a posh invitation to `The Private Room`

dereklow firstclass 06
The Private Room, which staff reportedly claim is `higher than First Class`, was located past the busier and less luxurious Business and First Class lounges. Once there, Mr Low was greeted by his name

dereklow firstclass 07
Mr Low said: `Entering the confines of The Private Room, the staff greeted me by name. It’s like they all already knew me before even meeting me.` Above, the lounge`s beautifully decorated interior

dereklow firstclass 08
Once settled in the lounge, Mr Low ordered three dishes, including Chicken and Mutton Satay pate

dereklow firstclass 09
Another dish: He also ordered Baked Boston Lobster with Gruyere, Emmenthal and Cheddar...

dereklow firstclass 10
Filling up: ... and the U.S. Prime Beef Burger with Foie Gras, Rocket Leaf and Fried Quail Egg

dereklow firstclass 11
Title: Mr Low wrote: `I realized that staff would address me by whatever title I chose in my Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer profile. I instantly regretted not going with President Low or Princess Derek`

dereklow firstclass 12
After eating, Mr Low then walked across a private bridge, before being escorted to the Suites

dereklow firstclass 13
Mr Low picked the middle suite (pictured), which `can be merged with the adjacent suite to form a double bed`. The stunning suites, which are exclusive to Singapore Airlines`s flagship Airbus A380

dereklow firstclass 14
After reaching the suite, Mr Low was immediately offered a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne

dereklow firstclass 15
The suites offer enclosed cabins with sliding doors that `cocoon you in your own lap of luxury`

dereklow firstclass 16
Headphones: During the flight, Mr Low said he was offered Bose headphones to listen to music and films

dereklow firstclass 17

Toiletries: He was also given a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit, which included a full-size bottle of cologne

dereklow firstclass 18
Branded: After speaking to chief steward, Zaf, Mr Low discovered he was joining a number of A-listers, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman, to have flown in Suites Class. Above, designer toiletries

dereklow firstclass 19
Clothing: During the flight, Mr Low was also provided with Givenchy pyjamas, slippers, pillows and blankets

dereklow firstclass 20
Tasteful: He got the chance to sample a selection of gourmet coffee and tea, as well as more lobster dishes

dereklow firstclass 21
Blue Mountain coffee: The flight attendants regularly checked on Mr Low`s well-being in a discreet manner

dereklow firstclass 22
Amazing: The rooms in Suites Class feature a full-size bed that can be turned into a double bed, a television, bedside cabinets and a leather armchair hand-stitched by the Italian master craftsman Poltrona Frau

dereklow firstclass 23
Appetizer: On his blog, Mr Low wrote: `For appetizer I had the Malossol Caviar with Lobster-Fennel Salad`

dereklow firstclass 24
He later ate Lobster Thermidor with Buttered Asparagus, Slow-roasted Vine-ripened Tomato and Saffron rice

dereklow firstclass 25
Dessert: After his delicious main meal, Mr Low had Vanilla Bavarois with Raspberry Coulis for dessert

dereklow firstclass 26
After supper, Mr Low decided to burn off the calories by walking around the plane. He asked the crew if they could give him a guided tour of the A380 and they willingly obliged/. Above, the stairs to Business Class

dereklow firstclass 27
Preparing the bed: Chief steward Zaf and a stewardess are pictured making the double bed during the night

dereklow firstclass 28
And it`s done! Mr Low wrote on his Medium.com blog: `I don’t even know how to express this in words`

dereklow firstclass 29
The young entrepreneur said he then spent the next hour `lounging in all possible positions`

dereklow firstclass 30
Mr Low wrote on his blog: `I paid a visit to the restroom to change into the pajamas provided.There’s a seat that folds down that’s actually more comfortable than most Economy Class seats`

dereklow firstclass 31
Mr Low later tried out the single bed, which he described as `spacious`. As the airliner finally landed in New York, the entrepreneur said his biggest problem was that he `didn`t want to leave the plane`

dereklow firstclass 32
Singapore Airlines`s Suites Class was voted the best first-class cabin in the world in a recent survey by Flightfox.com. Above, a promotional shot for the cabin, which offers guests `their own haven of tranquility`
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