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12/10/2018 6:45:42 PM

Moschino new collection definitely dedicated to all the pink lovers!

Imagination, life is your creation. And Jeremy Scott did just that with his Moschino Spring 2015 “Think Pink” capsule collection in Milan in which a few limited pieces from the runway will go on sale for the public almost immediately after the show.

“Think Pink”. Like, literally, Barbie pink. The items are basic enough, including a bubble-gum-pink Moschino print backpack, a pink mirror-shaped iPhone case (hopefully for those who only want to satirically appear vain), and a pink printed headband, but the standout piece is clearly the handbag shaped like a leather jacket, complete with silver buttons, zippers, and a chain-link strap. You know, to edge up the rose.

001 426x639

002 426x639

003 426x639

004 426x639

005 426x639

010 426x639

011 426x639

013 426x639

014 426x639

015 426x639

017 426x639

031 426x639

047 426x639

049 426x639

054 426x639

Moschino Spring 2015 (1)

Moschino Spring 2015 (2)
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