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10/21/2019 11:26:41 AM

20 people who failed hard trying to exercise

They would see the irony if they weren`t so distracted by the TV.

gymfailed 01

This is not how you feel the burn.

gymfailed 02

I guess it`s cheaper than most cable bills.

gymfailed 03

Don`t overwhelm yourself if you can`t balance it out.

gymfailed 04.gif

I think the only result you`ll get from this method is sea sickness.

gymfailed 05.gif

Someone needs to direct this guy to the weights section.

gymfailed 06.gif

OK Go ruined treadmills for everyone.

gymfailed 07.gif

I`m not positive, but I`m pretty sure that`s not how these are supposed to be used.

gymfailed 08.gif


gymfailed 09.gif

How to turn yourself into a pretzel.

gymfailed 10.gif

At least he wasn`t going commando.


I don`t think either of these people are sober.

gymfailed 12.gif

Don`t try something new before you`ve learned the basics.

gymfailed 13.gif

If only he`d stuck the landing.

gymfailed 14.gif

This is gonna leave a mark.

gymfailed 15.gif

I`m honestly just impressed with this one.

gymfailed 16

The opposite of Tarzan.

gymfailed 17.gif

Be sure you have a gym buddy with his priorities in order.

gymfailed 18

The baby is NOT okay with this.

gymfailed 19

He was too mesmerized by his own gun show.

gymfailed 20.gif

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