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10/19/2018 2:03:03 PM

Gifs That Explain How Everything Works

How Braces Align Teeth
Looks painful, but this is a time-lapsed few of how braces straighten your teeth.

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/1.gif

Tattoo Needle
This is how a tattoo needle injects ink into your skin.
cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/32.gif

Camouflaging Military Helmets
Military helmets are dunked in this bath to give it that camouflaged appearance

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/2.gif

How Superman`s Cape Looks Like It`s Blowing In The Wind
If you really think Superman is flying in the movies it`s thanks to these guys and a green screen.

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/6.gif

Gun Firing Bullet
This is the mechanism that shoots a bullet from a gun barrel.
cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/7.gif

There are 13 dominoes here, with each one 1.5 times larger than the next. If 29 dominoes were used, the tallest one would be as tall as the Empire State Building.

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/151.gif

Sewing Machine Needle Working
This is what a needle on a sewing machine does in order to stitch your fabric.

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/102.gif

Action Scenes In Movies
Your favorite action scenes are filmed on a green screen.

cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/132.gif

How Oscillating Fans Work
Ever wonder how a fan keeps you cool and oscillates?
cdn.thelisticles.net/wp content/uploads/2014/11/5.gif

How A Tsunami Is Formed
This is how the earth`s shifting plates for a tsunamii.

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