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6/5/2020 2:55:14 AM

Best man of the year! He could have run away but chose being with her till the very end...

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After registering for marriage on November 5, 24-year-old Yu Haining and his 25-year-old cancer-stricken girlfriend, Fan Huixiang, held a wedding ceremony in her hospital ward on Monday, winning crowds of witnesses` good wishes and a lot of teary eyes.

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Paramedics send Fan flowers on her wedding day.

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Fan and her mother wipe tears from each other`s eyes.

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...and from her father`s eyes.

Yu is from Shandong and Fan is from Henan. The two have been in a relationship for five years.

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After discovering that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in June, he quit his job in Shandong so that he could be with her and look after her.

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Fan suffers with Stage 4 Metastatic adenocarcinoma cancer and has only weeks, at most months to live, according to her doctor.

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Yu`s father told reporters that he and his wife have never disapproved of the couple`s marriage. They care for her a lot and believe that she is a sensible and devoted girl.

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