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10/19/2018 7:35:09 AM

Girl becomes famous and makes lots of $$$ because she looks like Rihanna...Compare and contrast...

Cô gái tr? tr? nên n?i ti?ng nh? v? ngoài gi?ng h?t Rihanna 1

When Rihanna disappeared from Instagram in April, people replaced her with someone that look just like her. Meet 22-year old Andele Lara from Boston, Massachusetts who look strikingly similar to Bajan star, Rihanna.

AndeleLara 01

Andele states that she is approached by screaming fans, has a huge social media, companies pay her thousand to endorse their products, landed clothing contracts last year and now plans to become a professional Rihanna look alike...

AndeleLara 05

She`s often mistaken for the singer in public and is swarmed by fans - it`s a tough life.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1

AndeleLara 03

The lucky student is funding a lavish lifestyle by looking like Rihanna, with brands paying her thousands to endorse their products including trainers, mascara and hair accessories.

AndeleLara 04

Lara told the Daily Mail: “The comments started in my sophomore year. My friend had a magazine with Rihanna on the cover. He held it up to my face and was like, ‘You look like her!`”

AndeleLara 06

AndeleLara 08

She also said that she`d happily give up her part-time job and studies to “have a career as a Rihanna lookalike”.

co gai tre tro nen noi tieng nho ve ngoai giong het rihanna


Just for the record, this is the real Rihanna.


And this is Andele, again. Compare and contrast...

AndeleLara 07

Incredible Rihanna Lookalike Fools British Public

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