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12/18/2018 8:06:48 PM

Xanax seller`s mugshot photo is taking the internet by storm, is this the cutest mugshot you have seen?

alysa suguro hot mugshot elite daily  v2q5 jpg

The 18-year-old brunette from Raleigh, NC was charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell and/or distribute a Schedule IV controlled substance plus maintaining a vehicle/dwelling/place for use of a controlled substance on December 1. She was officially booked at 8:07AM and was back out before noon.

Her glamorous 8AM mug shot quickly found its way onto a local mug shot website, and almost just as quickly Alysa was on Twitter to clarify any misunderstandings, and also to confess she was lookin’ “cute” in the picture:

Alysa Bathrick mug shot tweet

Predictably, Alysa has since received an outpouring of support tweets from mostly guys looking for a potential conjugal visit, and Alysa has been enjoying the attention with numerous retweets and retorts. She even got a marriage proposal from one mug-lovin’ fella:

Alysa Bathrick marriage proposal tweet

As you might have guessed from the fact that Alysa went all out to obtain on fleek status for her modeling shoot with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department booking camera, this teen is apparently no stranger to running afoul of the law. According to online records, Alysa was also arrested in May of 2013 for simple assault/affray. (Sorry, I had no luck finding a mug shot from that arrest.)

But, in case you were wondering what Alysa looks like when she’s not posing for a police booking camera, I did turn up some photos from her social media accounts, including one in which Alysa shows off her rather impressive flexibility:

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town
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