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7/10/2020 12:07:16 AM

You`ve seen a lot of beautiful selfies on social media, how about the worse selfies and failed sellfies? here you go (NSFW)

99% percent of the time, selfies end up as dull reminders of someone’s narcissism. The other times though, something wonderful happens that transforms the mundane into the maniacal. Today, we celebrate those moments when selfies went hilariously wrong:

Sexy Selfie Fail

Camel wants no part of your selfie.

Worst Selfies Ever


Banana Selfie

Possibly the greatest selfie ever.
greatest selfie ever

Background Corndog

Break In

Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfies Fails

County Jail

No Makeup

Selfie At A Funeral


Funeral Home Bathroom

Natural Disaster Selfie

Funny Selfies

Giraffe Photobomb


Grandma Selfie

Selfie Tattoo

Here Comes The Grizzly

Off To Hospital

Father Time

Operating Room Selfie

Selfie On A Train

Bad Selfies

Monkey Selfie

Burglar Selfies

Child Abuse Selfie

Spray Tan

Squirrel Attack

Surgery Selfie

Teacher In Labor

That Hat

That Tricycle

Trapped In The Elevator

Water Fountain Selfie

Worst Selfies Ever Crying

Worst Selfies Pulled Over
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