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5/30/2020 2:36:57 AM

Woman Uses POTATO As Contraception – Doctor wrote her prescription for a bottle of Ketchup.

LOL I`m just kidding, the doctor part is a joke, but the potato contraception is real.

22 year-old lady from a rural area of Columbia recently went to the doctors complaining of a persistent stomach ache, the doctors were puzzled. But after a few conversations and searching questions, the medical professionals soon got to the root of the problem…Actual roots! More specifically, roots growing from a potato.Where was the potato? Well, when we tell you that the woman had been using the carb-heavy legume as a form of contraception, we’ll leave it for you to guess!

Potato Roots
Potatoes: Not to be confused for condoms. See how roots grow out of potatoes, one can only wince at the poor girls’ experience…

She’d put the potato inside herself after advice from her mother – a woman we can only assume has very limited insight into contraceptive effectiveness. The unnamed girl said of her nasty incident:‘My mum told me that if I didn’t want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there. I believed her.’Now, luckily the girl suffered no long term damage and doctors was able to free the tatty without requiring to operate.

The incident has flagged up a real cultural and educational issue in Columbia. Taboos surrounding sex are pervasive and affect young people quite badly. Parents and schools often skirt over important topics regarding sex education and it can lead to bizarre situations such as this.What a strange world we live in.
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