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4/3/2020 8:25:41 AM

Dads Who Took Fatherhood To Awesome Levels. #19 For The Win!

Do you remember what sorts of games you used to play with your dad as a kid? Dads are the greatest; they are strong, funny, and dependable. A dad plays a HUGE role in a child’s life, and every last thing kids do with their dad impacts who they grow up to be. Which is why being a parent is never easy.

Kids are hard work and cause a lot of stress and worry, but these dads know just how to deal with the pressure and make their little ones the happiest of campers. These awesome dads are winning at fatherhood, here’s how!

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Dads Make The Best Coaches

awesome dad fatherhood moments 2  605
“Oh you look so beautiful Daddy!”

awesome dad fatherhood moments 4  880
Little Red Riding Dad

awesome dad fatherhood moments 6  700
Father And Daughter Wear Matching Hair-Bows

awesome dad fatherhood moments 7  700
Dad Lets His Little Hercules Push The Cart: Not sure how far they got before changing roles though…

awesome dad fatherhood moments 10  605
Tea Party For Two!

awesome dad fatherhood moments 11  605
Matching Hair, Don’t Care!

awesome dad fatherhood moments 16  880
Dad teaches his daughter how to surf like a pro.

awesome dad fatherhood moments 22  700
Daughter Wants A Swing So Dad Becomes A Swing

awesome dads fatherhood 1 1
Video Games And Pretty Red Toenails

awesome dads fatherhood 2  605

Pink Table Party: This table might be a little small but this dad doesn’t mind if he gets to spend time with his pink-loving princess.

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Video Games With Dad The kids don’t know the controllers are unplugged…

awesome dads fatherhood 6  605
This Dad Will Do Anything To Teach His Daughter A Lesson…

awesome dads fatherhood 9  605
Dad Keeps Baby Calm For Photo Shoot

awesome dads fatherhood 10  605
Dad wears the perfect shirt to entertain his sons while he takes a quick snooze.

awesome dads fatherhood 11  605
Pull-ups are much more difficult with a baby on your back and two toddlers hanging from your legs; thankfully dads are superheroes, capable of anything!

awesome dads fatherhood 14  605
As Long As Baby Is Sleeping Dad Doesn’t Care How

awesome dads fatherhood 15  605
Hair By Baby

awesome dads fatherhood 17  605
This military dad teaches his babes the fine art of planks, push-ups, and well-defined arms.

awesome dads fatherhood 18  605
Dads Also Make The Best Chairs

awesome dads fatherhood 19  605
Hillbilly Sleigh Rides Via Mattress

awesome dads fatherhood 24  605
Bonding Time On The Subway

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My Sweater Is Your Sweater
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