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8/19/2019 8:44:26 AM

The 12 Cutest and Coolest Celebrity Couples!

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When it comes to being a cool couple, there’s a little more to it than just dressing the part or being really really famous. There’s an aura about a successful power couple—a demeanor shared as a couple—and we feel these 12 have it.
936full olivia wilde 1
12.) Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde: It’s hard to lose when you’re one of the funniest people to be on SNL in recent memory and you’re dating one of the most beautiful acctresses in Hollywood. They seem really in love and are always great to see together at movie premieres, sporting events, and press obligations.

936full ryan gosling
11.) Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendez: A super talented couple who manages to avoid the tabloids and fly under the radar like champs.

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10.) Amber Heard & Johnny Depp: He’s Johnny Freaking Depp, one of the coolest dudes to ever be in front of a camera, so that definitely helps. Add to the equation that Amber Heard is one of the hottest (and most talented) actresses in Hollywood, and you have quite the combo.

936full aaron paul
9.) Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian: It’s quite sweet how often Aaron Paul gushes about his gorgeous wife at public appearances. They’re going to do big things together.

936full victoria beckham
8.) David Beckham & Victoria Beckham: As stylish and cool as can be, plus in a world where every other celebrity couple is marrying someone new every two or three years, their devotion to each other is very admirable.

936full emily blunt
7.) Emily Blunt & John Krasinski: The two are always stylish and always have a lot of fun together at events. Their epic prank war with Jimmy Kimmel is an example of that.

936full ryan reynolds
6.) Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: It’s impossible to not be the coolest guy in a room when Blake Lively is on your arm, but that insane blue leather bomber from Gucci doesn’t hurt either. Lively is gorgeous, classy, and stylish; and together they’re a pair to be a bit jealous of, even if their acting chops aren’t very good.

936full christine teigen
5.) Chrissy Teigan & John Lenend: She’s the queen of Twitter, avid Nintendo player, and famous supermodel, and he’s won like 8,000 Grammy’s. Together, they’re incredibly likable and modest, despite every reason not to be.

936full jason statham
4.) Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Wheatly: She’s one of the most sought after and gorgeous supermodels in the world. He probably knows how to kill a man with his bare hands 377 different ways. That’s quite the pair.

936full chris pratt
3.) Anna Farris & Chris Pratt: They know how to have a great time and are still madly obsessed with each other, even as Pratt’s fame has skyrocketed.



2.) Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: They’re two of the most talented young actor in the game right now and do epic things like THIS on the regular.

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1.) Beyonce & Jay-Z: Who didn’t see this one coming? The only person on the planet who disagrees with this is teenage Blue Ivy in eleven years.

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