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9/16/2019 4:51:51 AM

Datamancer Aviator Keyboard

So, you always have had a thing for Steampunk creations and now you’re looking for that last minute holiday gift. What could be better than the Aviator keyboard from the house of Datamancer? The Aviator features a brushed aluminum frame, black felt faceplate, and jewel LEDs in blue, red, violet, green or amber. Datamancer had a last-minute cancellation on an Aviator keyboard and if you are interested, they are offering one finished, gift-wrapped, boxed-up and ready to ship.

The price is $1200 and it’s first-come, first served. Other than the Aviator keyboard, they are also offering the Archbishop keyboard as a stand-alone unit. The price is $2000 and a copy of the IEEE Spectrum issue will be included. In case you approach them and don’t get any reply, it means that the keyboards have been sold to another customer already.

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