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12/12/2018 6:16:39 AM

Struggling Chinese Man Becomes Extremely Successful After Meeting His Beautiful Soulmate

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Twelve years ago, Mei Aicai from Chengde, China was a struggling student who performed poorly at school.To have a change of scenery, Mei decided to move to Kharkov, Ukraine — which he thought was in Africa — to pursue a higher education. He told Tencent News:

 ”Before I left the country, I went to Shijiazhuang and learned Russian for a month, but ultimately only learned ‘hello, I want water’. When I got on the plane, I was really nervous, not knowing what would be waiting for me in an unknown country,”

Since he didn’t know the language, he encountered a lot of challenges during his first few months attending a local university. He told Lollipop.sg the reason he chose Ukraine was because the cost of education was inexpensive like China’s.

“Only after going out in the world did I slowly understand my parents’ hardships. For the first two years, the things I ate the most were potatoes and cabbage, as these two things are the cheapest in Ukraine.

… The first year abroad, what I felt most was loneliness and helplessness, and everyday I wanted to go [back] home. At that time, I did not have a phone or a computer, so I eagerly waited for the weekends when I could go to the internet cafe to chat with my family”.

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Upon graduation from his one-year preparatory course, he attended the Kharkov Academy of Fine Arts. Mei was the only student who couldn’t draw. He skipped classes a lot during the first semester and stayed home playing video games or going to the gym to play ping pong. Through ping pong, he met a beautiful 17-year-old high school student who would eventually become his wife.

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”She may be young but her views are very mature. At school, she is a good student with excellent grades and at home, she is a good wife, keeping our home neat and tidy, doing the laundry and cooking,”

His would-be wife encouraged him to quit his job as an animator and start his own business. He did so and now runs a successful company that imports and exports equipment, oil and grain.

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Mei is now so successful that he recently purchased over 30,000 square feet of land on which he’s built a villa for his new family.

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“Some people think I am very successful, but I feel my greatest happiness comes from my family. I come home everyday on time to eat with my wife, and afterward we go for a walk. I feel this kind of life is very happy.”

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Since then, Mei’s story has gone viral through Chinese social media and forums. But his story is proof of how much of an impact a quality significant other can have on your success. In our past interview with entrepreneur Craig Clemens, he told us the following:

“I heard a story about a recent conference where they had the most self-made billionaires ever together in one room. Someone posed the question, “What is the most important thing that you would say it takes to become a billionaire? What do you all have in common?” After a short debate, they all came to a unanimous agreement: The one thing most responsible for their success was having a great partner. It wasn’t setting goals, or time management, or being in the right industry. All of those things helped too of course but they all agreed… having a great, long term partner was critical to their success. So I think if you’re wanting to build a business, absolutely a relationship is a way to go because one, you’ve got someone there to support you… And two… Speaking as a man, it takes your mind off trying to get laid all fucking day long! Which can get you very distracted from your business!”

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