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12/13/2018 11:14:47 PM

A Tattoo Artist Restores The Coloring Of Burn Victims` Scars In An Incredible Way

After surviving life threatening fires, these burn victims are left with a visual reminder of what that moment was like. Basma Hameed is a para-medical tattoo specialist, and has been using her unique skills to help burn victims all around the world.

basma begins her procedure on a burn victim  vvx3 jpg

Basma Hameed’s story is that of incredible endurance and strength. She found her calling many years after her tragic accident at just 2 years of age. She tried many procedures to try and fix the burn scars that she suffered as a child but all failed to restore her face to normal. That is until she discovered the wonders of cosmetic tattooing. After having a cosmetic tattoo procedure that replaced her eyebrow, she thought to herself ; “If this cosmetic procedure can replace eyebrows, then could it be possible to restore skin to its original color?”

Before And After Of  Tattoo Artist Helping Burn Victims

A Successful Procedure From A Tattoo Artist

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