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8/10/2020 11:33:44 AM

Pretty Girl Kisses Another Guy after Boyfriend Who is Busy with Texting Ignores the Kiss Cam and Snubs Her

A woman, who was snubbed by her boyfriend after the two were caught on “kiss-cam” at a New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets game at Madison Square Garden Thursday retaliated with a shocking move by kissing another guy, a stranger, sitting next to her.

Most couples use the rare opportunity of a “kiss-cam” moment, when they are splashed on the big screen, for an intimate kiss. But a dark-haired gentleman appeared so busy texting on his mobile phone that he ignored his pretty girlfriend when she tried to draw his attention to the fact that the camera scanning the crowd was focused on them.

Kiss Cam
Girl Tries to Draw Boyfriends Attention to Kiss-Cam But He Snubs Her

Kiss Cam

Girl Looks Upset When Boyfriend Ignores Her

Girl Kisses Stranger

Girl Turns To Stranger For Kiss

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