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10/24/2019 2:46:30 AM

What is so special about these places that everyone wanna go ?

Oh if you wanna travel, no doubt, where is the nice place to go? every time I ask my friends, where do you go for vacation? yeah, 90% of them is to go to these palces. I`m not typical traveller, but I must admit, those are cool .

Here’s the list of Most Visited Places in The World according to Forbes Travel based on annual visitors.

10. Disneyland Paris in Marne La Vallee, France - 10.6 million visitors per year.


9. Notre Dame de Paris in Paris, France - 12 million visitors per year


8. Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan - 12.9 million visitor per year


7. Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, USA - 13 million visitors per year



6. Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada and New York USA - 14 million visitors per year, wow, this is awesome, I should go to this place for relaxation 


5. Disneyland Park in Anaheim California, USA - 14.7 million visitors per year


4. Trafalgar Square in London, England - 15 million visitors per year


3. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida California, USA - 16.6 million visitors per year


2. National Mall & Memorial Parks in Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials - Washington DC,USA with 25 million visitors per year


1. Time Square in New York, USA - 35 million visitor per year

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