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10/14/2019 8:54:33 AM

Wii-and-iPhone-Hungry Kids Freak Out on Video


As far as we can tell, YouTube, and its various user-generated video spawn, were invented to embarrass children. Well, that and to share renditions of the `Super Mario Brothers` theme. Need proof? Just check out these videos we`ve found in just the last few days. Remember the kid who was really excited to get an N64? Well, he was far from alone in his excitement over consoles from the home of Mario. Just check the video above posted to Pwn or Die of 50 different kids freaking out after they open up a Wii on Christmas, including one kid about two minutes in wearing a Santa hat who will clearly never have a girlfriend. Of course, the Wii isn`t the only thing that has children turning into blathering idiots. Just check out this video of a kid who really, really, really, wants an iPhone. He wants it so bad we were beginning to think he had either a speech impediment or a developmental disorder. Then there are the non-holiday related, but equally annoying and disturbing clips collected by Cracked that border on child abuse. We`re not saying you shouldn`t let your six year-old listen to `My Hump,` (though that isn`t a bad idea) just that perhaps you shouldn`t encourage her to sing it while slinking about and post it to YouTube


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