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11/13/2018 4:33:42 PM

BlackBerry-Inspired Ornament for Your Festive CrackBerry Addict

Wow. Just wow. This BlackBerry-inspired tree ornament was once available on the Saks Fifth Avenue website, and if you can believe it — is actually sold out. Handmade in Poland, this PDA ornament comes mouth-blown and hand-painted, making it almost as crafty as the handmade BlackBerry earrings. Considering my mom loves to put a few old-school kitschy ornaments on the tree, I could totally see something like this making an appearance on the family tree. Talk about the perfect holiday gift for crackberry addicts!


Not enough?? , besides the Blackberry inspired tree ornamant, there is also BlackBerry Earrings: Love " Em or Leave `Em".Too bad they`re not bluetooth enabled! These tiny Blackberry Earrings ($19) might be a good idea for the BlackBerry lover, but you know what`s not a good idea? Putting your phone up to your ear while you`re wearing these


Those hook backings are going to scratch something, whether it`s your tender skin behind your ear or your tender BlackBerry screen. What do you think, cute novelty for the phone addict in your life or harmful object?

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