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8/18/2019 10:00:49 AM

2008 the year of danger and some sadness facts

A car plows into into cyclists taking part in a race June 1 in Matamoros, Mexico. One biker was killed and 10 others were injured. Police alleged the car`s driver was drunk. Click through the gallery for a look at some of 2008`s calamities.



Smoke pours from the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India, during a battle Nov. 29 between militants and government troops. A three-day terrorist siege of Mumbai killed 171 people and raised worries about war between India and Pakistan, rival nuclear powers. India claimed the attack was launched from Pakistan.


Residents wade through a flooded street June 22 in Manila, the Philippines, following heavy rains from Typhoon Fengshen. The storm killed more than 1,000 in the Philippines, including 800 who were on a ferry that was capsized by the typhoon.



Vehicles are trapped at the site of a collapsed subway tunnel Nov. 15 in Hangzhou, China. At least three people died when the partially built tunnel fell apart, trapping vehicles in a huge crater.



A person climbs out from under the rubble of a collapsed school Nov. 7 in Petionville, Haiti. The school was built along a ravine in a slum near Port-au-Prince. At least 94 people died in the accident, and 150 others were injured. The collapse highlighted the terrible living conditions in Haiti`s slums, which are home to an estimated 1.8 million. Haiti`s total population is 9 million.


A cargo ship crashes into rocks during a storm Oct. 10 in Gibraltar. The ship broke in two, but rescuers were able to save its 31 crew members.



Floodwaters from Tropical Storm Hanna inundate part of Gonaives, Haiti, on Sept. 3. More than 100 Haitians were killed. The storm then moved up the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, causing floods and knocking out electricity.


A huge funnel cloud touches down June 10 in Orchard, Iowa. Lori Mehmen told a local newspaper she snapped the tornado from just outside her front door. The storm damaged property, but caused no injuries.



A mother weeps over the body of her daughter, who died in the rubble of an elementary school after a massive earthquake shook China`s Sichuan province May 12. The 7.9-magnitude quake devastated an area around the city of Chengdu that was home to 15 million people. As of late November, the official toll stood at 69,227 dead and 18,222 missing.


I dont know what to say about these remarkable facts which happened during the year 2008. However. the fact is human`s achivements to develop technology and standard life, burning forest, dust, gas, population, apparently, kill themselves. All go under one sky, and nature is just under this sky. Simple!

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