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5/25/2020 8:30:36 PM

I hope you enjoy them Thorax cake- Zombie cake and The Killer rats cake

Zombie cake

Have you ever tried a Zombie Cake? To make it, not so difficult, ingridients needed is the French creams, and the bloody eyeball cordial cherries, 15 pounds of granulated sugar, 2 bags of powdered sugar, 8 large bags of chocolate chips, 2 bottle of corn syrup, 8 pounds of dark chocolate, and 4 pounds of white chocolate. well, just the weird stuff that people make, I dont even wanna try it ;)


Thorax cake

Heart - orange cake with raspberry sauce
Lungs - apple spice cake with strawberry sauce
Kidneys - orange cake with blueberry sauce
Stomach - ginger cake with mango sauce
Liver - chocolate cake with kiwi sauce
Small Intestine - jelly roll with red currant jelly

There are actually many books to teach you guys how to make these scary cakes for Halloween parties or a surprised present for your friends. They look scary and disgusting to eat but as far as I reed the recepie, it made from all healthy fruits




The Killer Rats Cake: Like its illustrious predecessor, The Killer Rats Cake began life as a pattern for a carved pumpkin. Both the pumpkin and the cake depict a severed human arm being devoured by three large, ugly rats. Well, ugly in their cake incarnation, at any rate; they`re sort of cute on the pumpkin. The cake arm was constructed in layers, from the inside out, so that a slice of the cake looked like a cross-section of an arm, complete with ulna, radius, bone marrow, skin, etc. Admittedly, this did not make for a spectacularly dynamic presentation, at least as compared to the cakes that burned or shot blood or secreted bodily fluids, but I think it was just as effective, in its understated fashion.

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