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7/3/2020 11:58:27 PM

Bark from the dead

A STARVED German Shepherd dog just days from death has made a miracle recovery.

Hobo, 12, was just 40lb of skin and bone and mange-ridden when a pet charity took him in.

His claws were so long he could not walk. He was in such a bad way vets could only guess at his breed.

They considered putting him down immediately, but gave him three days to improve.

Near death ... Hobo in 2008 when charity rescued him

He recovered fast and months later is a healthy 66lb and back to full fitness. Hobo was admitted to the PDSA Pet Aid Hospital in Northampton early last year.

Student vet nurse Ruth Bates said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. The neglect must have gone on for months. We didn’t think he’d make it, but decided to give him a few days.

“We started by feeding him up. He was always happy to eat and that gave us hope. We had to wait to treat him for the mange — he was too weak for the chemicals.”

Dog lover Val Butcher was reduced to tears by pictures of Hobo, so she and husband Peter offered to give him a home.

She said: “We knew we’d have the time, patience and love to help him recover.”

Val, who has ten other dogs at the couple’s farm in Shillington, Beds, added: “He’s now in perfect health. He enjoys life. He’s gone through hell yet still trusts people. We love him to bits.”

Joy Battison, of Little Billing, Northants, will be sentenced this month after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to Hobo.

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