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11/18/2018 9:15:51 PM

29 DIY Valentine`s Day Gifts For Every Sweetheart On Your List

Valentines of all ages will swoon for these simple DIY gifts you can whip up in a couple of hours.

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`You Rule` Valentine
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Perfect for your child`s class at school! View the tutorial.

`You`re A Cutie` Gift Bag
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Package two `Cuties` Clementines and top with a printed label. View the tutorial.

Mini Bubblegum Machine View the tutorial.
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`Open When` Love Letters
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Write a series of short-but-sweet letters on really nice stationary. Some "when" ideas: 
You want to know my dreams for our future
You need a reminder of what makes you a great dad
You’re feeling insecure
Before you fall asleep at night
You need a smile
I`m sad and you don’t know what to do

Strawberry Heart Pancakes
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The perfect Valentine`s Day breakfast! View the tutorial.

Seven Days of Love (and Candy)
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Use a medicine case to hide notes and candy for your sweetheart to enjoy all week long! View the tutorial with free printables.

Post-It Love
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Write down all the reasons you love your sweetheart on red or pink post-its, then use them to make a heart on the bathroom mirror, car window, or refrigerator door!

`Talk Nerdy To Me` Valentine
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View the tutorial for a free printable label.

`Bananas for You`
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Use a pen or marker to decorate the skin. Bonus: it`s also a healthy breakfast! 

`Blow Me A Kiss` Flipbook
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An adorable way to carry a kiss in your pocket. View the tutorial.

Plantable Hearts
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A mix of flower seeds that are embedded into the handmade paper so there`s no waste when Valentine`s Day is over. View the tutorial.

Heart of Booze
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A great way to reuse those old heart boxes. Just sayin`

Even easier `Bananas For You`
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In case carving an actual banana isn`t your jam. View the tutorial.

Sweetheart Pillowcases
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Decorate a store-bought pillowcase for lots of sweet dreams.
View the tutorial for "U Complete Me" pillowcases.
View the tutorial for "His and Hers" pillowcases.

`Heart Attack`
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Perfect for long-distance Valentine`s! (and much easier to clean up than a glitter bomb). View the tutorial.

Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelet
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Another good one for crafty kids. View the tutorial.

Memory Candles
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Transfer your favorite black and white images to glass votive candleholders. View the tutorial.

Sharpie Mugs
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All you need to create these adorable mugs is a sharpie (any color) and a porcelain dish. View the tutorial.

LEGO Interlocking Heart Pendants
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Perfect gift for your nerdy BFF! Especially if you have a lot of random LEGO lying around. View the tutorial.

Paper Airplane Love Note
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Avoid Valentine`s turbulence by floating this adorable note to your beloved.View the tutorial [PDF]. 

Wood Coasters
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Turn a piece of firewood into rustic monogram coasters. View the tutorial.

`You`re Succulent` Planter
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Why give cut flowers that die when you could give this adorable planter? View the tutorial. 

Root Beer Float Kit
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View the tutorial.

Carved Candle
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Nothing says endless love like carving your initials into a candle! View the tutorial.

Mason Jar Matchbox
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Who can resist a romantic pun? View the tutorial.

`Shot Through the Heart` Stenciled T-Shirt
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View the tutorial with free stencil template.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs
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Break a bath bomb under running water for a nice fizzing and relaxing bath. View the tutorial.

Crayon Hearts
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Let your valentine know they make your world a more colorful place! View the tutorial.

Magnetic Memory Board
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Turn an ordinary baking sheet into a place to display photos and sweet notes. View the tutorial.

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