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7/14/2020 4:28:10 AM

This Oldest Man of Australia Knits Tiny Sweaters for Injured Penguins! Heartwarming!!!

How long does it take to master a craft? How about 80 years? Because 109-year-old Australian Alfred Date has been knitting since the 1930s and his latest/most famous endeavor was making mini sweaters… for endangered penguins!

Back in 2013, Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation asked for volunteers to make sweaters for the rare “little penguins.” Alfie, who has yet to learn to say no, pitched in. Knitted penguin jumpers play an important role in saving little penguins affected by oil pollution.

Father to 7, grandparent to 20, he’s not only been an active knitter, but also a sportsman, having played golf till his 90’s.

His secret for longevity? “Waking up every morning”. See, he’s a joker, too!

oldest man australia knits penguin sweaters 1

oldest man australia knits penguin sweaters 3

oldest man australia knits penguin sweaters 2

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