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8/23/2019 4:27:38 PM

Meet The Woman Who Had Six Boyfriends Without Knowing

Ruth Palmer

Leah Palmer, 20-something and living it large in Dubai. Always chatting to her friends and, boys, she’s single! Ignore the man in the picture, he’s a crazy ex. Or so it would seem…

Just so you know, Leah Palmer doesn’t exist. She’s more ‘based on a true story’ by a Ruth Palmer (the lady in the photos) and that man isn’t anyone to worry about, he’s her loving husband!

Ruth Palmer was horrified to find out that for the past 3 years she had an imposter who would steal all of her pictures online and set up her own accounts on all the main site such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the name of Leah Palmer and make up stories to go with them.


The ‘catfish’ portrayed Benjamin (Ruth’s real husband) as a psychotic ex and, unbeknownst to herself, Ruth was in a cyber-relationship with at least 6 different men who she had met on Tinder.

As Ruth later found out, the imposter had been calling up these men on a regular basis and one of them had even dumped his real-life girlfriend in order to “be with” [Leah].

Ruth had to call each of these men up herself in the company of her husband to dump them. As well as having fake accounts made for herself, the imposter had also taken to time to fake accounts for her close family and friends to make it seem more believable.


Since the Police can’t legally do anything about this as, technically, no laws were broken, the Imposter remains out there.

To ensure nothing like this happens to you (assuming you’re not into voyeurism) make sure to have your social media accounts private so as to avoid any images being seen and potentially stolen by undesirable sorts.

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