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3/22/2019 11:36:59 PM

So To Teenagers Out There: Think Before Doing Something Foolish

Parenting ain`t all sunshine and bubblegum. Kids just don`t know how to act, and this can lead to some explosively disastrous accidents, like the epic kid fails in this list. They might be having fun, but that`s because they`re not thinking about the clean-up process. Yet.

My Daughter Likes Me To Wear Hair bows With Her

A Table Is A Table

Just Being A Dad

It’s Ok As Long As You Let Me Sleep

She Wanted A Swing So I Became One

Really Bro?

10th Anniversary Today, Thought We`d Capture The Romance

This Tattoo Artist`s First Customer

Good Morning!

Dads Are The Comfiest Chairs Ever

It Totally Looks Better This Way

You Have To Rescue Kids From Themselves

Letting His Daughter Practice

Potty Training Is Not Going As Planned

Whatever You Do, Don`t Tell Mom

Napping Dad = Playmat Dad

Letting Your Daughter Do Your Make up

Playing With Flour

Young Make up Artist

You Mean That`s Not Where The Magazines Go?

Wonder How Much Sauce She Actually Ate

Playing With Mother`s Clothes

Just Kids Being A Bunch Of Little Assholes

There Can Only Be One

Hitman Baby Takes No Joy In His Work

Fish Out Of Water

My Daughter Playing With A Toy Dolphin And Bath Paint

Little Human Alarms

Playing In The Car

Children Like Spending Time Together

When Kids Have The Last Laugh

Parenting Level: Over 9000

You Could Tell Them To Grow Up, But This Is One Of Those Things That Gets Worse As You Age

Trying To Escape Through The Vent

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